100NT Quick Haircut

Article Date: 09-07-2016

People new to Taiwan often ask me where do I get my haircut.  Well for anyone who has met me, you will all know that I am slowly/quickly running out of hair so now I just get it shaved all over.  Even before the hair loss though I have always went to a quick haircut place. 

The reason I always go to a quick haircut place is they only cost 100NT and get the job done well enough and fast enough for my liking.  Unless your one of these hipstar tarts who like to polish, straighten, flick and dye their hair or whatever then trust me the quck hair cut places are excellent. 

The one I went to on this picture is in Ximen Carefour but they can be found all over the city, they often have a little box outside that makes you put your 100NT in and then you will get a ticket.  Wait for your number to go in and tell the bloke what you want done. 

If you get a real blokes haircut, then go here.  If your a bit of a tart then give it a miss.