1885 Burger Store(市民 branch)

Article Date: 26-06-2016

Address - 台北市松山區市民大道四段57號.  No. 57, Section 4, Civic Blvd, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105

Price - 200UP 

Opening hours - Mon.-Thur. 11:00~22:00 Fri. 11:00~23:00 Sat. 9:30~23:00 Sun. 9:30~22:00

Phone - (02)2778-5338

Website - http://www.1885burgerstore.com

Facebook Pagehttps://m.facebook.com/1885-BURGER-STORE-136216634585/

Recently I need to cure my urge to go somewhere and eat a burger.  We all get it now and then and in Taipei there are a decent number of burger choices meaning you can always avoid crap fast food places like Mcdonalds, or Burger King. 

So the missus had a browse on the old internet to find out what other people had been saying.  Was there any decent burger places we don't know about or haven't been to yet.  She then found 1885 Burger Store. What other people said made us think it was worth checking out so off we went to the Da Dao in a mad dash to try and beat the afternoon rain that were coming. 

When we got there it was pretty dead, but it wasn't at the normal pre determined lunch time in Taiwan.  Most people eat their meals at a similar time.  Me i'm a proper rebel, I eat when I want/or when I'm hungry.  When inside we did notice that they had a special every day of the week.  Unfortunately Thursday's special was some kind of pasta and seeing as I had a burger craving the pasta was clearly not for me. 

daily specials 1885 burger store taipei city taiwan

I ordered the peanut burger.  Which sounds like some kind of ghastly concoction that really shouldn't work but don't knock it until you try it.  I have never seen this kind of burger back home, but have seen it quite a few burger places and I like it a lot.  It really works somehow.  The flavour of the peanut butter works well with the burger patty.

peanut burger 1885 burger taipei taiwan

The missus didn't know which kind of burger to order so allowed me choose another one that I like too.  This was so I could try both and we could share.  I opted for the blue cheese burger.  I like so many but recently I love blue cheese much to my mothers disgust when I was back home as she says, "blue cheese is a bit minging."  No mother your wrong, it tastes bloody good! 

blue cheese burger 1885 burger store taipei taiwan

I really enjoyed both the burgers, I thought they were good and the patties tasted handmade like they claimed before we went there.  The burger was just the right amount of juicy.  I will definitely go back, the missus on the other hand just thought they were ok.  She wasn't as won over as I was but then she is not as big a lover of burgers as me, they are clearly food for blokes if you ask me. 

We also ordered a side order of onion rings.  They were just your standard onion rings, but tasted good all the same.  With the onion rings came a sauce that I couldn't work out what it was.  When I asked the girl she said that it was tartar sauce, but it wasn't like any tartar sauce I have tasted it before.  Apparently they make it their self in the store and add in jalapeno to give it a little spicy taste. 

onion rings 1885 burger store taipei taiwan

When you order your buger they have a choice of three different types of bread.  We choose Ciabiatta and Wholegrain and both were very good.  

blue cheese and peanut burger 1885 burger store taipei taiwan

So after eating there I was very satifisfied and would go back for sure, like I said the missus wasn't to overwhelmed and amazed by it so I think she would maybe only go back if I dragged.  Don't get me wrong she didn't hate it.  She thought it was OK she just didn't love it as much as I did.