3pm Afternoon Games, on a Wednesday...Why not?

Article Date: 30-12-2016

With the recent release of the fixtures for the Taiwanese First Division there was a glaring standout point.  That the Taiwanese first division has still decided to schedule fixtures at 3pm on Wednesday afternoons.

To have a fixture at this time in top level professional leagues around the world would be considered to be outrageous.  Now add in the fact that the Taiwanese First Division is also predominately an amateur league, as I am currently aware (someone please correct me if I am wrong) only two teams from the eight competing offer any kind of pay.

So this has brought me to the conclusion that this kick off time has only been put in place to protect the only two teams who could be considered anything close to Semi Pro in this country.  

It also looked like the league is trying to do some kind of clever rebranding.  No amount of rebranding will work when you schedule games where the vast majority of people in the country are studying or working. That includes players of the teams involved who have to likely push for holidays or days off in a working enviroment known to be notoriously difficult.

At some point to grow football, you have to have games at times that are accessible to people, hopefully one day someone at the CTFA running leagues here will realise this.