A Good Dermatologist

Article Date: 14-11-2016

Address - Close to 77 Shida Road, Near Shida University, and Shida Night Market.

Back in the UK I had any amount of problems with Psoriasis and Eczema but since moving to Taiwan they haven't effected me much, which is no surprise considering my doctor back home always told me that it got better on our summer holidays to Turkey or Spain because the good weather, and the sun were helpful to improve the conditions.  

So I wasn't effected much anymore but that was not the end of my problems with skin conditions.  Although originally I didn't know the problem I got was due to skin issues.  I blamed everything else from the swimming pool to allergies and so on. 

The problem I was dealing with was that the right side of my head would become all swollen, red and puffy and I had no clue why.  At times I looked and felt a bit like the Elephant Man.  When I popped the scooter helmet on, it felt like my right cheek was glued to the inside of the scooter helmet.

When my parents came over to visit my mother took one look at it and told me it was rosacea.  She said it was a skin issue which surprised me.   

Then the Mrs. looked up skin doctors and found this one in Shida and I have been going there ever since. A little tip for you try and get there early because one of the doctors is 'famous' (in Taiwan loads of stuff is 'famous') and with most things that people say are famous there always ends up being a massive queue which in turn means you have to wait for hours to be seen by a doctor.  

As I always go back for the same thing I rarely see the doctor now, and just pick up the medicine. Collecting the medicine is normally quite quick, I only see the doctor again if the condition gets worse for any reason. 

Another problem that developed which apparently is due to living in a different climate than I am used to according to Google, is my nails started turning yellow.  I assume from sweating like a bastard all day and it mixing with my Northern European skin or something like this.  

So now I get tablets for the Rosacea, and some liquid stuff to rub on the nails.  I didn't think the nail stuff was working but eventually it has started to.  They did say it could take up to six months of using it every day before your nails go back to their normal look. 

If you have National Health Insurance it's 100NT each time you see the doctor and collect medicine. Regardless if I see the doctor or just collect the medicine it's always 100NT.  Which is lower than the normal 150NT.

If you have any dermatology issues I highly recommend going to this doctors clinic.  Good luck!