Bose Quiet Comfort 25

Article Date: 24-09-2016

Quite a few months back my headphones broke, and I decided that I was finally going to splurge a load of cash on a very good pair.  I was specifically looking for a pair where I could change the wire, as this was always the reason my headphones broke, and it wasn't worth getting it fixed because the cost of getting them fixed was always similar to re buying a pair for a similar price.

I had a target of finding a pair I really liked before I went back to the U.K so I could use them on the flight obviously.  Due to the fact I see everyone walking around with Beats headphones those were the first I checked, but for the price they sounded tinny as shit, and there's not a chance they're worth the money. Obviously just another trendy thing for all the kids who think their hip, but know bollocks about bollocks!

The two makes I mainly checked out were Sennheiser and Bose, but due to my mishapen head the Senheiser designs wouldn't fit so well.  Anyway, I have always wanted a pair of Bose headphones but have never been able to afford them.  

Well times have changed and now I can afford them, so I went out and spunked away 12,000NT on them. That was roughly 240 pound pre Brexit! I still refuse to accept that those morons in the UK voted Brexit but that's for another day. 

I was a little nervous about spending so much money on a pair of headphones, but like the Mrs. said if I always spend 2000-3000 every 6 - 8 months then it's not so bad if the good pair last.  

When I was testing them in the Bose shop there was one pair in particular that stood out.  The QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling model.  When I popped them onto my noggin I noticed instantly the build of the headphones was superb, they fit on my head excellently, they were comfortable and the sound was bloody amazing.  These were the ones I wanted to buy for certain, everything about them was exactly what I was looking for.

I got to test them all the way back to England from Taiwan, which this time was roughly 16ish hours and they blocked out the sound of the plane's engines and all the people chattering away or whatever they were doing. It really felt like it was just me sitting on my bill heading home.  The noise cancelling is by far the best thing about them. 

Now I have changed jobs, and can listen to whatever I want all day as I plod on through my work, and I am considerably over the moon I decided to get them instead of a cheaper set.  They block out everything in the office so I can fully focus and crack on with work.  I also use them while studying, and not hearing a thing around you really helps to focus especially if your like me and can't concentrate at all with so much noise and commotion going on all over the goddamn place. 

The box comes with the headphones, the wire, a carry case, and a plane adaptor so you can use it in flights meaning you don't need to use the shitty little plane headphones anymore when watching movies going home.

There is also space for a spare battery, which I highly recommend in keeping occupied, because when that battery runs out and there is no more noise cancelling going on they sound very basic indeed.  With the noise cancelling they're excellent, so don't forget the spare or you will highly regret it. 

If you can afford them and are looking for a decent set of headphones I would highly suggest checking these bad boys out, you won't be disappointed. 

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black