Elephant Mountain Taipei

Article Date: 26-03-2016

One of the most popular places by far for tourists to go and see in Taipei is Elephant Mountain.  This is because the views of Xinyi District(this district includes Taipei 101) from the top are amazing.  As well as having excellent views the hike to get up there is relatively easy.  The reason I know it is easy, is because if someone who is quite round and unfit like me can get to the top then I doubt most other people can make it to the top unless they are hurt, injured or frail and old. 

It is even a lot easier to get to Elephant mountain now with the fairly new MRT line taking you pretty much right to it.  In the past there was no MRT line and for new people it was quite awkward to find.  Now with the MRT you pretty much get off and can walk directly to it.

The hike up isn't that steep either, there are some points of the hike up obviously where you think bloody hell but its not like that all the way up, and as with most things in Taiwan they have made it extremely convienient by making sure there are steps all the way to the top.  The steps have varying degrees of steepness like I mentioned but nothing too drastic.  

When you get to the top the views are excellent, truly excellent.  If you time getting to the top right, you can get there during the last hours of daylight then watch the sunset and also see what it is like in the evening. There are also three big rocks that you can climb on.  This is a little tricky but worth trying to climb up because from the top of the rocks no one will be in the way of your photos.

One word of warning mind.  This is a very popular spot for photographers, tourists and people just wanting something to do.  So trust me when I say that this place is often busy which means you might have to battle with people for a spot to take a picture meaning that at times it can be fairly annoying but you kind of get used to this after living in Taiwan for a while.  Any tourist spot you go to will always have loads of other people there taking pics or generally getting in the way. 

Regardless of this, it is worth not missing going there because to get those kind of views of 101 are excellent, and it is the business district of Taiwan so it is all lit up and looks great on pictures.  It is easy to get to, and pretty easy to get to the top.  Don't miss it if your just here for a short time.  

I would suggest either going really late or really if you would prefer to miss the crowd of people at the top.