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Article Date: 17-03-2016

What is EverythingHomeBar.com?

I'm Matt and as you can see, I like a drink or two. I especially like having a drink at home, in comfort, surrounded by my friends, my own things, with my own music and stuff I like on the TV. And that is, essentially, why I started the website Everything Home Bar . Through the website I aim to educate, both my readers and myself, about how to get the most out of our home bars. It is regularly updated with articles about how to best take advantage of your bar, with news on all the latest gadgets, cocktail recipes, how to’s, reviews, and links to other sites that can help you enjoy a beer or two at home.

Why did I start this website?

I like to have the full bar experience when I drink at home, but by no means am I an expert on what makes a home bar great; that is entirely up to your tastes and your ideas. All I want to do on this website is show you the options that are out there, and help you to get the best home bar experience you can. Also, this is all part of my learning experience too. I'm still always on the lookout for the latest tool or gadget to help make my bar better, or a new cocktail recipe to try out. As I find them, I put them up on the site.

You can come and check us out at Everything Home Bar , follow us on Twitter (@HomeBarMatt), or drop me an email at matt@everythinghomebar.com

Cheer and bottoms up

Matt, Founder of Everything Home Bar