Excellent Taiwanese Movies

Article Date: 26-03-2016

Watching movies are a great way of helping learn chinese.  I have picked up loads of new words and phrases from watching movies, but I must admit most of it is mainly foul language that you don't learn in class.  I have tried to keep out some of the ones that use mainly Taiwanese or other languages heard around Taiwan but Seediq Bale is just bloody excellent.  If you would like to know anymore please message us and let us know as I have watched loads to help me with learning Chinese since I came here. 


Monga is excellent, and based in an old area of Taipei City called Wanhua.  The story revolves around gangs, fighting and violence.  The story is based in the 1980's and has some pretty big Taiwanese stars in it.  It was a lot better than I expected it to be.  If you like gangster movies and street battling and fighting this is right up your street. 


 Cape No.7


Cape No.7 is a love story based around a postman.  Doesn't sound great but the postman is working in Hengchun in the south of Taiwan, and he doesn't want to be a postman obviously.  He wants to be a rock star. There is a massive festival being arranged for the south of Taiwan, and when he is working as postman he finds this unopened letter that has been there since the Japanese occupation.  It is letter of communication between a Japanese guy and his Taiwanese love.  They eventually manage to get the letter back to where it should of went those 40 years ago, it is a wonderful story and a wondeful plot. 

You Are the Apple of My Eye 

This is a coming of age movie with plenty of laughs along the way.  Starting out following the bad kid in class who gets paired with the best student to keep in line.  He ends up liking her and wanting to be with her, the story follows the main characters through their life, school, uni the usual coming of age material but does it excellently.  A truly enjoyable movie from the first moment until the last. 

Warriors of the Rainbow - Seediq Bale

The story takes place when Taiwan is under Japanese occupation, and the Seediq Tribe manage to uprise and fight against the occupiers.  This is a quality movie and wel worth watching.  Try to make sure you get the original version and not the one that has been cut and chopped together.  The version we all got to see in Taiwan had 2 parts, the one they released in the UK was both parts chopped together so be careful when ordering this one or miss out because the 2 parts are excellent.

Au Revoir Taipei 


Au Revoir Taipei is beautiful little movie and oddly most of it is shot around Family Mart and Shilin Night Market.  It is a story about a guy who loves a girl, but the girl buggers off to France and he is lost, often going to the book shop to learn French.  There he meets another girl and boom things go a bit mental.  There is a kidnapping and all sorts of nonsene but honestly its worth a watch, really enjoyable. 

Girlfriend, Boyfriend

This movie is great, and it is one big love triangle.  Set in the 80's amongst the backdrop of political unrest in Taiwan, these three friends find it difficult growing up together and having feelings for each other.  Boy loves girl, girl loves other boy, other boy loves other boy.  Welcome to excellent Taiwanese movies dealing with concepts they cant manage to back in the UK and certainly not in Hollywood.  

This is one of my personal favourites. 

Beyond Beauty, Taiwan From Above 

This is not your average look at the world from above movie.  It looks at how Taiwan is ruining the natural landscape of the country by chasing the dollar, and more dollars and more dollars.  By cutting down trees toproduce more tea, or having cement factories leaking into the ocean.  It shows you all the concerns people should have who live in Taiwan and it is excellent.  The best movie of this kind I have seen, and trust me I am not being biased.