Factually Wrong Article About Taipei Magpies

Article Date: 16-02-2016

The recent article posted about the Taipei Island Spring cup that we will take part in has its intentions in the right place, but it implies our team is all from the UK.  This is wrong and implies that we will only include UK based players in our team.  Like I said Focus in Taiwan or whoever sent the details to them about our tournament has the best intentions at heart, but they should try to make sure they have the correct details before posting. 

Anyone who has faced us, or represented our team know we don't have any issue where players come from. We pride ourselves on being one of the most open teams in Taipei, and maybe Taiwan.  

We have had, will have and currently do have players from all parts of the world not only the UK.  We will continue to accept as many people as we can.  We will continue to accept any race, gender, sexuality and ethnicity in our team.  This is something we feel very strongly about as a club, even if it seems trivial to others, it is not trival for our club and we don't want people thinking they cannot join us because they are not from the UK. 

The article also seems to imply there is only one club in Taipei that openly accepts different people from around the world, and openly welcomes Taiwanese players which is factually wrong as a lot of Taipei expat clubs are open to accepting Taiwanese players. 

I don't know why the there was any need to try and pigeon hole a team to a geographical location when its pretty impossible for most expat teams.  Expat football/soccer tournament clearly would of sufficed. 

The article is below. 

Focus on Taiwan Article About Spring Cup