Following the Toon from Afar has Become Massively Challenging

Article Date: 06-11-2016

As I currently sit after completing my successful search for a radio link to today's Toon match against Cardiff. I contemplated how it's much more difficult to follow a team when your're no longer in the Premier League.  

When the league started I ordered Eleven Sports online which claimed to be showing Championship live games as well as load of others including the Premier League obviously.  I assumed wrongly that they would just be showing the games that are concurrently being shown live in the UK.  Well I was wrong because they didn't show them.  So I had to resort back to dodgy live streams for the live games even though I bought the bloody Eleven Sports subscription to watch the Toon plough their way back to the Prem.  As it happens I really haven't watched Eleven Sports as much as I thought I was going to.  It doesn't help a lot of the Premier League teams are utterly dull, small clubs.

A few games into the season my mate told me I can get streams for the radio, which in my opinion has been the best way to follow the games so far when they aren't live on the TV.  The odd thing with the radio is they go mental about goals or incidents then you watch them back on the highlights and they are nothing like what has been described.

The other option my mate keeps linking me to are really shoddy periscope links.  I have no clue how any bloke can go to the game and just sit with his phone for 90 minutes so the rest of the world can watch it mind.  The bloke however had 3200 people watching around the world so clearly not everyone is like me and most folk don't mind watching some poor quality stream with the view obstructed by a bloke in a loose control hat every time the Toon are in on goal.  

Football below the Premier League doesn't exist clearly. 

Before any tart makes some snidey wise crack.  I do realise we have only been down for a few games so far. No wonder some of my mates find it difficult to watch/follow their teams if they are lower than the Prem.