Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival

Article Date: 27-03-2016

More information about the Fulong Sand Sculpting Festival

The sand sculpture festival at Fulong beach is one of the best attractions worth seeing throughout the year in Taiwan.  This is just my opinion but I believe it to be true. This year the festival dates are between the 7th May and the 10th July.  If your around during these dates don't miss it as it is really worth seeing. 

Fulong beach is easy enough to get to from Taipei, you need to take a train from the main station heading north.  Make sure the train stops/goes to Fulong and then off you go.  Get off at Fulong and head towards the beach.  Couldn't be simplier really. 

Trains in Taiwan are not expensive at all unless your getting the high speed which in general is still relatively cheap compared to how much they would charge back in the UK. 

The train journey takes roughly 50 mins if I remember correctly.  It's a local train you need to get on so they normally stop a lot on the route to Fulong.

Onto the sculptures, they are great.  When I first went I didn't expect to like it or even enjoy it but I did.  The detail on them was amazing, I really didn't expect them to be so detailed at all.  They made all different kinds of sculptures from contemporary culture.  They had things like Shrek, Batman, Hulk and the fat buddha that looks a bit like me among other things and all them were excellent.

I tried as best I could to get my picture with all the ones I liked, and I tried to get some close ups to show how detailed the sculptures were, the people who made them must of took great care and time to make them all so detailed. 

I especially enjoyed taking a picture with the buddha.  Due to the fact we look alike, no wonder so many people in Taiwan like to rub my head and my belly.  It's the same that they do with the buddha for good luck and prosperity.  I doubt they think I am a real life walking buddha mind you. 

When we went there wasn't as many people there as I expected to be there.  It was easy to walk around and take photos of what you wanted without too much trouble like other tourist sites in Taiwan.  I think the reason for this is the beach was kind of spacious so that everyone did not get in each others way.  The weather during this is generally beautiful too making it a wonderful day trip from Taipei.