Good Scooter Shop on Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District

Article Date: 05-07-2016

Address - 188, Section 1, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City.

I had been looking for a good scooter shop close to my home for a long time, when one night heading home late from work I stumbled upon this one because it was open late and I was desperate for an oil change.  The owner of the shop said to me he was actually closed but he will quickly change my oil anyway which I thought was nice. 

As he changed my oil he told me that I really should get the break wire changed ASAP, but I decided I would wait and see if he was telling the truth or not.  The reason I did that is because a lot of the time it is hard to tell in Taiwan if they are being honest or not, especially when your dealing with things so technical in a second language. 

As it happens within two days of those words being said to me the break wire did actually snap and I had to ride the scooter all the way out to Xinchuang to work with only the back break able to use.  It was a bit hard work but as it was so early there wasn't really that much traffic so I pulled it off, coming back was a lot worse because there was cars, scooters and people everywhere.  

When I went back to the shop to change the break wire, the bloke didn't just look at me and say well mate I did tell you about this.  

Ever since then I have always used this shop as much as I can for loads of stuff.  Changing oil, tires, break wires, various parts inside and every time it has been excellent.  

If they need to keep your scooter for a while, they will loan you a scooter until you get yours back and if you have an accident they will come out and help you fix the scooter or solve the problem.  

I highly recommend this shop a lot, and if you live in any area close to Longshan temple or Guting i'd advise you to use it, as its only probably five minutes away by scooter from most of these areas.