Kavalan Whiskey

Article Date: 18-03-2016

When I went home last year I found out that a Taiwanese Whiskey was named the best single malt at the 2015 World Whiskies Awards.  My grandad absolutely loves whiskey and I knew he would never of tried any that were from Taiwan, so I saw this as the ideal gift.

We went around the city looking for the bottle I wanted to get him which was the Kavalan Port Cask 'Concertmaster' Taiwanese Whiskey 70 cl .  A lot of the Kavalan shops around the city didn't have any in stock because it had all been sold out.  I assume due to them winning the Whiskies Awards.  

We eventually found a bottle in Carrefour and my grandad was licking his lips in anticipation at tasting it, and he kept asking my mom and dad when I would be back home so he could come and collect it. 

The fact he was so determined to get it made me a bit worried about getting it back home in one piece.  I got the missus to pack it well as she is a bit of an expert like my dad, must be down to the star sign of being a Scorpio as both the missus and my old man are and pack like their life depends on it.  I on the other hand, am more of a squash it in and if it doesn't fit stomp the bastard in kind of guy.  Clearly not the best approach with spirits in your luggage.

When I got home there was no awful smell wafting out of my bag, meaning the chances of it being smashed into pieces were slim.  My grandad was informed and he told me he would be up to get it pretty much five minutes after I arrived back at home in the UK. 

After he came to pick it up, he stuck around for maybe five more minutes and as he was there he had the bottle out, was reading all the information on it about the whiskey and everything.  I could see he was dying to get back down home and crack it open.  So off it he went, bottle tucked firmly under his arm ready to be drank.

The next day he came to mine again to take my mom out and his verdict was the whiskey was excellent.  One of the best whiskeys he has ever had.  Told me it was that good he couldn't stop drinking it, and drank the whole bottle in one evening.  Woke up the next morning and was so sad that there was none left.  

So going by my grandads recommendation, and trust me he is a bloody expert when it comes to whiskeys and other spirits this is well worth checking out.  

Kavalan Whiskey Whiskey Distillery is located in Yuanshan, which is in a rural aread of Yilan County, Taiwan. The name Kavalan is taken from the Kavalan people  indigenous natives who originally inhabited the Kabalan Plain of modern-day Yilan County. 

The whiskey that won the best single malt whiskey award is called Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Taiwanese Whiskey 70 cl it is matured in American oak barrels that previously held white and red wines.

The taste is described by the WWA website as: “Surprisingly smooth on the palate. It’s like Bourbon-infused milk chocolate” and “Immediately and subtly liquor rich.”  

The whisky, which has an ABV of 58.6 per cent, is certainly no stranger to awards. It was named New Whisky of the year in The Whisky Bible in 2012, won a gold award at the Beverage Tasting Institute in the same year and was included in Ian Buxton’s 2010 book ‘101 Whiskies To Try Before You Die.’

So if your looking for a new whiskey to try that you haven't heard of, make sure you try some quality Taiwanese Whiskey you might be very surprised.