Kenting, South Taiwan

Article Date: 31-03-2016

Kenting is a great place to travel to due to it being hot-warm all year round.  Unlike the Northern parts of Taiwan that can get very cold, wet and miserable during the winter months.  Kenting still has sunshine and warmth.  

Although it is a great place to travel to, it is a bit of a bastard to get to because of it being the southern most point in Taiwan.  When I went there with my parents from Taipei on the way down we took the bus from Taipei Bus station to Kaohsiung and then changed to a Taxi from there to Kenting.  On the way back we decided to wait for the bus in Kenting to take us back to Kaohsiung station.  The bus from Kenting to Kaohsiung station took forever.

The reason we decided to take the bus, was because on trying to get back to Kaohsiung station all the taxi drivers wanted us to sit around and wait until the car was full before they would take us back to the station. Me and my parents didn't want to sit around and wait or share the car with 2 other people as the taxi driver said it would make it no cheaper if we went with 5 people or 3 people, they wanted us to pay the price of people regardless.  So we decided on waiting for the bus which was the much cheaper option but god did it take forever.  And it stopped everywhere.  From Kaohsiung I treated my parents to a trip on the High Speed Train.  They have never been on one before, it was bloody expensive for the 3 of us but worth it, my dad was amazed at the speed of the train.

Sorry that I don't remember the prices of the bus, or the taxi.  I do remember that if you arrive at Kaohsiung station early, the taxi drivers will have no customers and be willing to take you to Kenting for cheaper than they would in the afternoon when they are more busy.  It is all about you ability to negotiate.

I went two times, and both times the experiences were very different for valid reasons.  The first time I went a uni friend came out to see me, and we went all around the island partying like life was going to end as soon as the trip was over.  So we had to make the most of it.  The second time was when my parents came to visit and as you could imagine it's not as much of a party but more of a sightseeing tour. 

There are a lot of things to be done in Kenting, you can hang out at the beach and enjoy water activities or sports.  There are all kinds of different activities to get involved in at the beach, scuba diving, watersports/games, surfing are among the many activities you can find there. 

You can rent a scooter cheaply enough and get around very easily.  If you get a scooter make sure you head up to the higher points above the beaches and get some pictures of the wonderful views that are on offer.  

There is also a national forest park that you can check out.  When we got there it was already getting quite late so we didn't manage to see as much as we liked but it had loads of good views from there too and was worth checking out, I just wish we had more time to see more.  We basically just rode the scooter up the hill then stopped at different points on the hill with a good view to get some pictures.  By the time we got to the top the sun had went down and we decided to go back down the hill as most things worth seeing were either pitch black and we had no torch or closed.

Kenting has a few bars down main street but unless you go when its peak season or Spring Scream they seem to be fairly dead.  The best places to go drinking are all the way down the main street.  You get past most the shops and find bars on the backs of trucks by the side of the road.  My mother made friends with a young couple who had just took over one of these bars and they asked her about the name.  They had picked The Blowing Wind or something, then my mother in her drunken stupor decided that it should be called the Tipsy Bar.  She explained what tipsy meant to them, and they were sold.  Now it is forever the tipsy bar.

There is a small night market on the main street that is quite good especially compared to the night markets in Taipei.  A lot of the night markets in Taipei just copy other peoples stuff, at the night market in Kenting I saw things that are never on sale in Taipei.  It's good there is more variation there. 

Kenting is pretty much the place to go for a weekend away among most Taiwanese people.  If you haven't been to Kenting at least once people will keep asking why, or saying you should go to Kenting.  

I would recommend not staying in Kenting for more than 2/3 days unless you really love lazing around the beach or this kind of thing otherwise you might get a bit bored.  It is a great place to go but it's just not very big.  Enjoy.