Kick Abouts Are Back

Article Date: 21-09-2016

We have kick abouts back again tomorrow (22-09-2016), after a 2 week break.  The kick abouts take place at Fujen Catholic University, which is easily accessible via the MRT.  

Kick about starts at 7:45 prompt, but we recommend you to be there at 7:30 to make sure you can get a spot to play, and so we can sort out the teams quickly.  Kick about ends at 9:45 prompt.

Please bring a yellow, black or white top to help with splitting the teams.  

It's 150NT to play, and we can only have a maximum of 27 people playing.  No exceptions, if you show up and there is more than 27 you cannot play.

We sometimes go to the Seven Eleven afterwards for a few drinks together before we go home, all at the kick about are welcome to join. 

You can also join our group, which is what we use for kick about events, this means you can keep up to date with all the information regarding kick abouts, and other events through this Facebook group.  The group helps us to manage it all easier, so please join it and help us out. 

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