Kick Abouts Back on 5th January

Article Date: 24-12-2016

We will have kick abouts back again in the new year, thanks to the help of a Magpies team member.  Everyone is welcome to come but must follow our conditions to let us know if you want to play.

We have to adhere to very strict rules.  We can only accept 21 people.  You can follow our facebook group via this link:

Thursday Football

If you want to participate, please join the group and follow the events.  We will make an event each week, you MUST click going on the event to be able to play.  If you click going and cannot make it, you MUST take your name of the list and let us know you can't make it.   

If there are less than 21 on the list everyone can play.  If there are more than 21 we will give preference to people who mostly come to kick abouts (this does not mean if your a team member you will be assured of a place at kick about.)

If there are more than 21 people wanting to play we will post a list of names each week, if you no show without taking your name from the list and telling people you will be blacklisted for future kick abouts.

If you don't put your name on the list and show up then you can only play if we don't have 21 people. 

Everyone who plays has to pay 150NT.  

Anyone breaking the rules placed on us by the school will be kicked out and told to not come back. 

School/Magpies Rules: 

No drinking or smoking

No fighting

No shouting foul and abusive language

No intimidating other people at the kick about

Everyone pays to play

Bring a black or a White top

Games last 10 minutes (no last ball, or last play.  10 minutes then stop) 

We rotate the games if we have 3 teams, for example winning team stops on.  Plays two games then comes of.  NO WINNER STOPS ON!


Magpies players organising kick about have the right to make the teams, and kick anyone out for causing trouble.