Last Throw of the Dice at Asian Cup Qualifying - Taiwan Will Face Timor Leste

Article Date: 22-06-2016

Taiwan will get one last chance to get into the group stage of the Asian Cup Qualifying.  This month they lost 4-2 against Cambodia, but due to the odd qualifying process they will get one last chance to get into the group stage.

As we have previously stated on this website it is ultimately vital that Taiwan qualifies for as many international matches as they can, because if they don't then we are totally in a footballing backwater wilderness.  

So we are all extremely grateful to the odd qualifying process that the AFC has come up with, where the losers of the first round qualifier will then go into another round of qualifiers for the final three sports in the group stages.  These games were all drawn at the same time so we knew that if Taiwan didn't manage to defeat Cambodia they would then go into a tie against Malaysia or Timor Leste.

As things panned out, Taiwan fought bravely but lost 4-2 against Cambodia and Malaysia beat Timor Leste 3-0 home and away getting through 6-0 on aggregate.  

Cambodia and Taiwan only had one space between them in the rankings but now Taiwan have dropped 9 places in the Fifa Rankings and are now placed at 191st.  While Timor-Leste currently sit at 177th.  Looking at that it seems like it might be another massive struggle to beat a country similar in standard or smaller than Taiwan.  

We all have to hope, beyond hope that Taiwan make it through or their will be no international football here until the East Asian FA Cup as the second round will be hosted in Taiwan, but when they fail to qualify for the next round of that there will be no football here at all until the next round of World Cup Qualifying, and football will be on the bones of its arse until then.  

So knowing this, Taiwan must win for football to grow in this country, and the CTFA are trying a bit more to promote football here but it's not anywhere near enough compared to other countries.

On a side note the CTFA should take note of the fact that the Kaohsiung stadium was close to empty, and they should try and see if they can generate more interest in Taipei.  Or was there just no interest at all because the advertising of matches is next to zero and no one knows about it?  

The games will take place in September.  We await the exact dates, kick off times and locations.