Looking for a Kick About Pitch

Article Date: 30-12-2015

So as a club we have been searching for a place to have kick abouts again.  This has been a search equal to the search for the bloody Holy Grail.  We have scanned the map and looked at so many different pitches.  At schools or public areas.

The main problems in Taipei is you can't seem to book any pitch unless you have contacts.  People just won't let you use it regardless if your willing to pay or not.  The reply we got when we went to ask Gongguan school if we could rent their pitch highlights this very well.  The reply is as follows:

"Sorry you can not use or rent our pitch, the reason for that is because your soccer boots will ruin the grass."

This has to be one of the most nonsense excuses I have ever heard.  We can't use the pitch because we will wear boots.  The sad thing the pitch at Gongguan looks excellent, obviously because no one is allowed to use it.

We have been to so many schools, and different locations all over Taipei City.  The search has been ongoing ever since we stopped trying to share a tiny square in one half of the pitch at Xinchuang Sports Park.  The fact frisbee fuckers kept arguing with us, and more football groups kept showing up we decided we needed to find somewhere we can book.  

Unfortunately that hasn't went to plan.  As our lack of contacts has really hindered us, also as we have been searching and plucking away behind the scenes we have been out priced in the market of looking for training pitches.  A lot of teams are now using Fujen pitch but the cost of going there for training/kick about is unreasonable.  As for the other pitches Taiwanese teams all seem to have them locked down and kick you off if you ever try and use them.  

Other than these issues the other pitches we come across are in such a state of disrepair that it makes them so impossible to use.  You can see one of these pitches we came across in the pictures at the side.  It is truly shocking, looks more like a jungle than a football pitch. 

So now there could be too much competition to have a midweek kick about as we cant compete with the money bag teams.  We are now looking for somewhere to book for Sundays so we can still have some football when we don't have any league games and we would also like to be able to involve everyone who wants to play football again like we have always wanted to and used to.  

If anyone knows any pitches then please let us know.  Also if any locals would like to help us book pitches then please contact us, as Taiwanese people seem very reluctant to deal with foreigners unfortunately.