MagArmy Scooter Trips

Article Date: 21-12-2016

So some of the guys in the team have been doing massive scooter trips on the weekends.  Either staying all weekend and camping, or just blasting there and back in the same day.  

They have been a bit of spur of the moment mainly.  We mainly decide close to the weekend then invite people in the team who have a scooter to come out.  

The last one we rode the scooters down to Yilan, across Taiping Mountain to Taoyuan and then back to Taipei. These are good crack, and good for team spirit.  So thanks to John P. for organising these and making sure everyone was tucked in bed, and woken with wake up calls.

Good work John, we look forward to more in the future.  

Maybe we can invite other people who don't play for Magpies in the future but we don't want to be responsible for anyone having any kind of accident or dying.  

The road from Taipei to Yilan was pretty mental!  With loads of big bikes zipping past and nut jobs in sports cars coming close to ending your life.  

We all made it round safely anyway.  Fun was had, we were home late!  Until next time!