Magpies Are Off to Watch the Baseball

Article Date: 07-04-2016

We will go to watch the baseball in Xinchuang on 30th April.  We are meeting outside of Xinchuang MRT Station exit 1 at 4:30pm.  Brother Elephants will play Uni Lions.

Any Magpies players, ex Magpies, friends or fans of the team (ha ha don't laugh we might have 1 or 2), are welcome to join us.  Just pop us a message to let us know you want to join us and then we can wait for everyone at the station exit.

After the baseball if people would like to we will also go to eat rechao.  If you don't know rechao is a very typical cheap place for Taiwanese to meet up with friends and have food and drink.  It's kind of like their social club if you ask me.