Magpies at the Baseball

Article Date: 03-05-2016

As a football club we are again organising more social events and activities for our players, friends and colleagues to get involved in.

The latest one of these events was a trip to the baseball match between Brother Elephants and Uni Lions. Around 12 of us went and we all had a great time even though some of us didn't know what was going on.

It was an eye opener to a lot of people to actually see Taiwanese people lose their shit over a sporting event, and the North Americans among us were totally confused with all the chanting and shouting.  This apparently isn't the done thing there.  To the Europeans among us however this was all a little rehearsed.

We went to the stadium in Xinchuang which is probably the easiest to get to for most people as it's very accesible to the MRT, which unsurprisingly is Xinchuang station.  The games in the North also take place in Tienmu and Taoyuan.

The cost of an adult ticket was 400NT on the door.  Which isn't too bad.  Some of us arrived from the beer factory later than others so we ended up sitting in two sections pretty close to each other. 

After this we went to the Rechao for some food and drinks, before a handful of us dashed off to watch Newcastle's great escape continue. 

We are looking into organising more events like this in the future.  Keep your eyes peeled for other activities and if you want to join us please us the contact page to get in touch. 

Here are some pictures from the night.