Magpies Find New Levels of Grit and Determination

Article Date: 06-11-2016

Our previous two games played out in a very simultaneous pattern against JFC and Daan.  We started well and played an excellent first half managing to secure and hold a 2-0 lead until the half time whistle.  

During these first halfs we have played some extremely quality football which has been very pleasing, but what has been more pleasing has been the determined grind to not lose during the second half which is something our team has never had before.

Due to an utter lack of any squad depth at the moment we have been showing up to games with 12 to 14 players.  Considering the levels of heat can be between 30 to 38 degrees it's no wonder that players start to feel the effects as even professionals at international level often bemoan having to play in such excruciating heat.

In both games we have had such a battle to secure the win, the tackles have been flying in to protect the goal and the team has had the best shape and determination we have seen for a long time.  

The whole team is eventually working and fighting together for eachother instead of relying on moments of individual magic alone to win us games.    

As the teams energy levels have been completely exhausted for the second half, and we have been under the cosh especially in the Daan game, there has been a determined will to not be beaten.  We conceded in both second halfs but held out and we had to defend for the majority of the 45 minutes. 

In the past if any Magpies team was put under that level of pressure, or had to consistently keep up that level of defending we would of lost, and lost easily.  Long may our new resilience continue until the end of the season so that we can achieve our aim of finishing top 5.