No Name Japanese - Ximen/Wanhua

Article Date: 04-04-2016

Address - 108台北市萬華區昆明街127號(西門町昆明和內江街交叉口).  No. 127.  Kunming Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108.

Price - 50NT UP

Opening Hours - 16:00 - 2:00

Down on Kunming Street close to Ximen shopping area in Wanhua district there is a very well known Japanese place that is excellent.  It is known by everyone who lives around this area for sure, and the odd thing about it all is it has no name.  The restaurant doesn't have any name on the shop at all, but is always busy. 

I even asked my missus to google it for me in Chinese to find out if it had a name in Chinese and she said a lot of people who write about it call it the No Name Japanese, or the No Name Sushi in Ximen.  It all seems very odd but I guess because everyone already knows it and it's popular every night.  It seems the blokes who work there have just figured out that they don't really need a name at this point.  

They sell a mixture of Japanese food.  Lots of people go there for their fish, or sushi.  For example the missus really loves the clam soup.  Every time we go there she orders their clam soup and says its excellent.  I have to take her word for it because I don't like clams so much but I am sure she is correct as every time we are there she is not the only one eating clam soup. The whole bloody place orders a clam soup, so I have come to the conclusion that clam soup seems to be one of their most popular dishes.

clam soup no name ximen sushi

While I am there people must think I am quite boring because I just order the cheaper sushi that you can get all around Taiwan, the ones with the rousong inside and the ones with the tofu skin on the outside.  I like to eat them there a lot though as for some reason they seem to make them as well, or better than a lot of other places I have had them at.  

no name ximen sushi rousong

Although I do have to go and ask for some wasabi to eat it with, I reckon that they normally don't give out wasabi with this kind of sushi.  The wasabi they have is the closest thing I have had to English Mustard. There is never any English mustard here and it is always either French Mustard or American mustard. English mustard however is the tits and I miss it a lot, so I am glad the wasabi at this place comes close to being the same as English mustard!  

wasabi no name ximen sushi no name ximen sushi

As well as the sushi I like to get their chicken leg.  It's fried like a bastard but god I love it, it tastes so damn bloody good.  I don't think many people will order the chicken leg, because mainly people buy fish but I am sure someone else buys it other than me otherwise they would never make it or have it on the menu.  If your not a fan of fish you should try it, it's good. 

no name ximen sushi chicken leg

Last few times we went there the missus decided she wanted to try some other things.  So she ordered some Sashimi and some Dan Bao Fan (omelette rice).  The omelette rice wasn't so bad but the fact they drowned it in ketchup was sad.  It didn't need so much bloody ketchup.  The missus told me whenever they eat this they do always drown the poor thing in ketchup, if your not a fan of ketchup like me, i'd make sure you ask for less ketchup then it will be spot on. 

rice omelette no name ximen sushi

The missus informed me that the Sashimi was good, and pretty cheap compared to other places.  I am not sure as I didn't taste it, I should just bite the bullet and eat a bit next time to see how it tastes.  A lot of people ordered dishes that were Sashimi or similar so I am sure she is telling the truth, I mean what's the point in lying if she didn't like it, I know I would of been informed. 

sashimi no name ximen sushi

The staff there are a little odd.  They seem like they are screaming at each other and arguing too, which they are not.  It's just the way they deal with eachother but its a little weird to see.  Raaaaah Raaaaaah Raaaah and out comes your food.  

This place is good, and if your in Ximen and looking for somewhere to eat check it out, it's better and cheaper than a lot of places on the touristy side of Ximen.