Nothing Premier about Taiwan's Premier League

Article Date: 10-01-2017

So the Taiwanese Football Assocation have decided to rebrand the First Divsion and call it Taiwan Premier Football League.  However after watching some of the games and highlights this weekend I must confirm nothing has changed or is any different as was expected.

The first game on the highlights the keeper was lobbed from roughly 30 yards out twice!  Clearly thinking he is Manuel Neuer.  When is someone going to teach Taiwanese footy players the basics, to play like a beast you really have to learn the basics first.  Goals like this were flying in, in pretty much every fixture bar the Royal Blues vs other team game.  No one in this league is anywhere close to Ali Dia (if you don't know him look him up.  He played for Southampton.) never mind playing like bastard Messi, or Ronaldo.  Learn the goddamn basics! 

Which brings nicely to pretty much everything else needed to be a good football team.  Pressing, tackling, shooting, passing, marking, organisational and positional sense.  For some reason football teams in Taiwan don't like it when you press them, or tackle them.  Apparently this is not allowed here or acceptable to a lot of people for some reason.  You tackle someone in Taiwan with a good, hard and fair challenge they are likely to get up and want to have a ruck with you.  Odd mentality indeed and I do wonder where it comes from.  Don't people here realise that tackling and pressing are part of football. 

After sitting through watching the Royal Blues game a draw was clearly a fair result in a pretty dull game were both teams were distinctly average at best.  The Taiwanese side having loads of possesion and passing about with no aim, end product or a bloody clue what they were doing in regards to building any kind of attack. Passing for passing sakes, until someone decided they would have a pop, and the pop on goal was usually shit. The Blues keeper was probably the pick of the bunch from the games I saw.  As in he knew where to stand when being a keeper, stopped shots and didn't get lobbed from 40 yards out.  Pretty standard stuff but the others didn't seem to know this was standard procedure for a keeper.

The Blues scored a goal from probably the only shot I saw them have during the part of the game I managed to see.  Good cross and a good header getting above two defenders, but the defending from the other team was an utter shambles.  The keeper didn't move even though the header didn't look to be moving that quickly on the T.V and the defenders utterly crapped their pants that the Blues player just powered through them like his head was made for the ball.  There is something utterly beautiful about a bloke so determined to get his head on the football.  The defenders on the line watched as the ball went past them, probably shit theirselves too at the thought of heading it.  

The other team had loads of the ball and did the sum total of nothing until somehow they managed to score a good header right at the end.  It looked slightly offisde from the T.V but there was only one angle and Taiwanese officials are never giving a marginal call to a foreign team so the decision stood, and 1-1 it ended. 

The game vs the team in white(with the odd pattern on it) and blue looked a bit of a shocker.  The blue team's keeper couldn't stop anything.  He got lobbed twice from 30ish yards out, a shot pretty much went through his hands like Happy Flappy Selz.  I was going to keep count of how many he let in, but I was amazed at how shockingly bad it all was.  He didn't looked like they just plucked someone of the street and put him between the sticks.  The defence looked a bit useless too.

The last game which looked like Taipower because the camera zoomed to that their one and only fan with microphone and drum going bersek.  As in he is only one man, with about 8 flags, a drum and a microphone.  Then he proceeds to sing and bang his drum all game long.  Anyway there game looked a bit competitive too at least.  

There is clearly no need for the qualifiers.  Those teams who wanted to join they should of just let them, the leagues level is clearly very low anyway that it woudln't make a blind bit of difference in alowing the play off teams to enter.  Why be elitist when the league is anything but elite?  In the league infite wisdom instead of allowing the teams in who want to play they decide to play each team four times, meaning each team will play 28 games.  It all seems illogical, I don't remember how many teams wanted in this season, but I am sure it would of negated the fact of making each team play each other 4 times, as in there would of been enough teams to play 28 games probably by playing each team twice with more teams involved.

28 games with an 8 team league and 3pm Wednesday kick offs...

The conclusion is, there was no need to rebrand the league.  If nothing in the league has changed other than making everyone play each other 4 times each.  Everything else pretty much seems the same looking in from the outside. 

 Taiwan Premier League Highlights