Pre Season - Going Well

Article Date: 28-01-2016

Our pre season has been ticking along nicely so far.

Our first few pre season games were played while some teams were still completing their season.  Our pre season so far in a nutshell: 

vs Taipei Eagles (3-2)

Our first friendly was against Taipei Eagles at Fujen Catholic University.  This was going to be a tough challenge and an eye opener for our new players who want to join us for the season.  Eagles are big, physical and strong team.  

It was a tight game, we took the lead to begin with then Eagles went 2-1 up.  We managed to claw it back and beat them 3-2.  

It was a good test in our first game since the league finished.  

vs Daan (5-2)

This was a game where both teams were missing a load of main players from the season just gone.  We expected it to be tighter but our game plan worked well and we managed to take complete control of the midfield and nulify Daans good midfield play.  

One of our new signings looked a bit of a sexy player on the wing as he managed to score some goals and cause all sorts of problems for the Daan defence.  Needles to say he got snapped up that day in an instant, along with all his mates too. 

vs B53 (4-3) 

I wasn't at this game due to it being played on a Monday night and having to be at work, but I was informed it was a close game all the way through, and some of our new players looked O.K to very good.  One of our new signings managed to score a last minute winner apparently with a sweet volley.  

This kept the momentum going.

vs Inter Taipei (3-4 *Inter only showed up with 8 players so we borrowed them our 3 subs)

I am not really sure this can be totally classed as an Inter Taipei win.  For a start they only showed up with 8 players so we borrowed them our only subs so we could play 11 vs 11.  Then one our main defenders got injured, no one realised and we in effect were a man down to a team using 3 of our guys.

This was a game played in a giant puddle because we didnt cancel the game and wanted to try and play, which turned into an absolute farce as no players could really do anything well.  

Inter adapted better to lumping the ball through a puddle than we did that and the fact we were nice to give them our subs was the reason we lost.  

Inter didn't seem to be pleased with the fact I told them they should play with 8, as it would help them prepare well for the new season as it's bound to happen. 

vs Daan (Match Postponed due to waterlogged pitch) 

Unfortunately our friendly rematch vs Daan was cancelled due to a month of typhoon style rain and inevitable giant puddle that was bigger than the week before.  Seeing as the game vs Inter Taipei was a massive farce it seemed pointless to play this one.

Due to the school knowing we probably wouldn't show up in the rain and the puddles they refused to refund us our money.  Typical Taiwanese mentality.  Don't refund us for something that clearly can't be used.  I could understand if it was Fujen and we refused to play because they are offerring facilties that can be used regardless.

I was dissappointed that this game was called off because the first pre season game vs Daan wasn't really a good representation of how each team will be shaping up come the start of the season due to both teams missing so many key players for this game. 

vs Celts (Sunday 31st January @Fujen University.  kick off 1pm)

This coming Sunday we will take on Celts.  It will be interesting to see what kind of Celts team shows up with there being first division games, and BML games taking place.  

Both teams are likely missing key men for this friendly as we are both heavily represented in BML and First Divison

vs TBC (Sunday 14th February @Fujen University.  Kick off 4pm)

We have managed to book the pitch at Fujen University to have a friendly after the Chinese New Year holiday and have invited Shane.  We are currently awaiting their reply.  If they cannot make the game we will look for other opposition.  Maybe we can have that rematch vs Daan. 

Taiwan Island Tournament (Saturday and Sunday 20th/21st February @Dajia Riverside Park. Schedule TBC)

We will take part in the island wide tournament at Dajia Park.  This is the first time they have been in Taipei since the year we started the team so we are looking forward to it. 

We will be looking to have a curry night and a big team night out as this will be a couple of weekends before the season starts and the last part of our warm up preparations.

If anyone is interested in trying to join our team you still have time and games to get involved. So get in touch via the contact page.