Sony Waterproof MP3 Player

Article Date: 20-03-2016

So I normally go swimming quite often and while I was swimming one day this girl swam past me and looked like she was rocking out to some tunes on her MP3 players.  I was little confused at first, because how the hell did she have music on the go in the water? 

Then another bloke swam past me and had the same thing, which got me thinking.  They really must be listening to music.  So the next time one of them swam near me, which happened to be the girl I tried to ask her if she was really listening to music.  As it happens she was because she couldn't hear bugger all so I tapped her on the shoulder which give her a bit of a fright as you would expect seeing the equivalent of a polar bear growling some unrecogniseable jibberish at you.

Anyway after switching from excitable Geordie growls and grunts, to Chinese with a Geordie accent I eventually go the info that it is in fact an MP3 player and she was in fact listening to music. 

After quite a bit of research I found out that it was the Sony NWZ-W273S 4GB Waterproof All-in-One MP3 Player - Black .  As I love music and swimming this seemed like an excellent thing to purchase.  I then found out that it comes a few various colours which was a nice touch.  You can get it in black, blue, orange and pink. I went for the orange one as I thought it looks the best.

It doesn't link with Itunes which is a little unfortunate and you have to add the songs through Windows Media player but its really not that difficult.  It comes complete with its own charging dock which you click together with the MP3 player and clips together to plug into your computer. 

Also the MP3 player comes with different sets and sizes of earplugs.  They have waterproof ones for in the pool, and others for outside the pool.  I have only tried the ones for in the pool because I have never tried it outside as it wasn't bought to be used outside.  There are 3 sizes, so they should be able to match everyones head and ear size. 

I found it a little weird at first as I never have anything in my ears as I swim, but after a bit of fiddling to begin with you get used to how to set it up in a way that best fits your head.  One last thing I noticed is the songs or whatever you listen to have to be loud before you put them on.  I tried to add a lot of mellow and chilled out music and it didn't quite work, but the louder songs came out fine and you could hear them well. 

I am happy to say that this has helped me swim a lot more than I normally would, even though I enjoy swimming a lot I am often really busy with work, running the site, running the team etc etc.  You all get the idea.  Once I bought this I was in the pool all the time.  Well worth it, and if you go swimming in Taiwan loads of people have them now, they really are a common site.  A practical purchase I have been extremely happy with.