Spot Cinema

Article Date: 25-10-2016

Address - Zhongshan North Road, Section 2, No.18, Taipei City 

For years upon years since I came to Taipei I have went past this cinema that is in a fancy looking white building that stands out like a sore thumb, with its intriguing looking architecture rarely seen in Taipei City. 

The building I found out when I went inside used to be the old American Embassy building in Taipei.  Which explains its very different look to others around it. 

The films/movies they show are smaller independent movies, or small art movies that are generally hard to see in other places around the city.  Each movie doesnt have many showings so you will need to check the times in advance instead of just rocking up expecting there to be loads of showings.  

I would also advise to check the subtitles for every movie you want to watch, normally a lot of the movies are not in English, obviously they will have Chinese but they only have English sometimes.  That is the reason I haven't been there since I arrived here.

Anyhoo, eventually a Japanese film that sounded interesting called Rage had both English and Japanese Subtitles so we decided to go and watch it.  Here are some thoughts about the cinema:

The cinema has no designated seating.  You can sit anywhere you like, so if your like me and your fussy about where you like to sit make sure you get there a bit early before the showing.  Otherwise you will get a crap seat. 

I found the seats to be actually very comfortable.  I was rather surprised by that!  

Inside the cinema, there is no where to buy snacks or drinks so make sure you bring them with you before you go inside.  

The screen is smaller than the massive cinemas as you would expect but it was good all the same.  

I enjoyed it, and I would go back if they had anything else I would like to watch.  I will get there earlier next time though and bring my own snacks. 

About the movie, it was highly interesting and kept you thinking all the way through.  It would throw you a sign and then throw you off the scent.  

There were a lot of aspects of Japanese society thrown into the movie, but generally they were not central to the main plot.  Some of the issues covered could be seen as being risque or controversial which added to the interest.  

If that kind of movie is your thing go and check it out.  

The building also has a small art shop selling items that are quite unique, and there is also a cafe.