Stories From a Foreign Perspective - Buxiban Nonsense Part 1

Article Date: 24-09-2016

This is one of many stories I have to tell of the nonsense that goes on inside Taiwan's many buxibans.  In my previous job for the biggest buxiban chain on the island (if you live here i'm sure you'll know who they are without me having to name and shame them) you had to work with co-teachers, some of them were fine and very easy to work with however some of them were more like the Stasi (that's the famous East German Secret Service for those of you who don't know.)  I constantly reffered to these kind of co-teachers as spies, or as previously mentioned the Stasi.

So one day I rock up to work, and the previous week I was given a new schedule.  I was informed I would be working with a co-teacher who was famous(isn't everything on the island) and well known in the buxiban for being harsh and tough on the kids.  

We planned a meeting at work to discuss how to work together, and when I went there for the meeting the co teacher was no where to be seen, although afterward said co teacher claimed they were there which is kind of odd because it's only one floor so surely if they were there they would have seen me wondering around looking for them, it's not like i'm a small target. 

Then she eventually got to work claiming I never showed up for our meeting and why the hell was I planning the wrong class.  Said co teacher didn't wait for a reply and just stomped their feet like a 4 year old child screaming while throwing their toys out of the pram.  Which is odd for someone in their mid 40's.  

I actually thought nothing of it, and carried on with the planning.  It's not like a plan couldn't be adjusted to another lesson from the buxibans books as they all follow the same simple pattern anyway.  

Then it was time to go into the class, as soon as I opened the door and walked inside the co teacher started screaming at me, how I am late, I am useless, I don't know what I'm doing etc etc.  The tip of the iceberg was being screamed at that i'm not professional because I planned the wrong material.  This coming from someone stood in front of a group of 7 and 8 year olds and screaming in my face from a foot away.  

I politely informed her to calm down, and let me get on with my work.  We can discuss it later after the class like real proper adults.  This was no use, said co teacher was still screaming like a 4 year old child.  I informed her again, don't scream like this in front of the kids, and I am getting annoyed with you now.  If you don't want me to get angry too, stop screaming and go away.  

She didn't stop, so she got one last warning of, shut up or i'm going to explode.  She didn't and yes I exploded.  I was raging and screamed back at her, the red mist descended and I launced my book across the classroom in the vain hope it would bash her in the head, smash her through the window and send her to her miserable and sorry death, but not to be it just fell on the floor mildly.  

I then charged out of the class and proceeded to tell the big boss of the buxiban that she better get in there and give that daft bastard a warning too.  That however was never going to happen as they were best pals. She could of pissed on the kids books, or dangled them out of the window like Michael Jackson and it would of been fine.   I then went to tell my supervisor that I wouldn't work with her. 

My supervisor made me wait to have mediation which was useless as the stupid co teacher was still screaming at me, at which point I again told her to start acting her age, and stop being a child or i'm going home.  I constantly kept being blamed for what happened from said co teacher, and then was made to try and still work with her.  

It was all put down to a culture problem, or culture difference, and said co teacher didn't really mean it, which is the biggest buxiban in Taiwan's way of dealing with all of the problems like this.  It's only a culture problem or culture difference.  Well it's only a cultural problem when it's locals screaming or being awful to foreigners, if it's the other way around then cultral problem doesn't get mentioned and you only get a warning.  I also don't intend to make this blog an articlel about locals vs foreigners that's not my intention, i'm just talking about my personal experience of my time of working for the biggest buxiban in Taiwan.

I followed through on what was said and tried to work with said co teacher, then one day I was teaching another class which she was not involved with and she barged through the door to scream at me again.  I told her in no uncertain terms, shut your pie hole, you twat, and get out of my class before I boot you out the window.  And that was the end of that, no more working with the tool.  It was again obviously put down to cultural differences.  Unfortunately said co teacher left before I did, or revenge would of come as a massive shit in a paper bag dumped in her locker.  Too bad.