Stories From a Foreign Perspective - Parking

Article Date: 11-02-2017

Parking in Taiwan can be a thing of amazing wonderment and idiocy which I’ve never had the joy or the pleasure of witnessing up close and personal anywhere else in the world. The beautiful king of all this idiocy is reverse parking.

The situation is irrelevant, the location is irrelevant, the amount of traffic is irrelevant, and the direction of traffic is irrelevant. Anyone who is attempting to park a car will suddenly stop in the middle of the road and proceed to reverse slowly into the space.

Normally people would be concerned about potential hazardous situations that can occur from suddenly stopping in the middle of the road and reversing into oncoming traffic. Drivers in Taiwan however are a different animal, they don’t fear the oncoming traffic they just expect it to move! A last minute indicator being all that’s needed to point out that the oncoming traffic has been informed of a potential death hazard.

If you do happen to crash into a sudden reverser please be prepared for Mr. Death Hazard to ask you for money due to the aforementioned last minute indication. To Mr. Death Hazard, this is a valid reason for not looking or paying attention. A lot of times crashes are dealt with at the side of the road with cash changing hands. This seems to be the preferred method of settling disputes, especially for crashes that are considered minor.

Make sure you pay attention one hundred per cent of the time on Taiwanese roads, if heaven behold you do have an accident do not move your vehicle under any circumstances as this is illegal under Taiwanese law. The scene must be left untouched even if it presents a new hazard.