Taiwan Fined for 'Pro Independence Flag'

Article Date: 21-06-2016

Taiwan have been fined 5000US dollars for apparently displaying pro independence flags, and displaying signs saying Taiwan independence and Taiwan is not Chinese Taipei during the Asian Cup Qualifying games vs Cambodia. 

The green and white flag displayed in this article is the one in question.  Fifa has supposedly strict rules about displaying any religious, or political banners during international games, but are those rules really applied to everyone so strictly by Fifa? Or will Taiwan be fined every time they fly a flag seeing as China won't allow them to fly a National Flag? 

Taiwanese athletes in all sports are forced to use the olympic flag instead of the Republic of China Flag, due to the one China rule.  Also by China being a massive bully, and trying to claim they own everything in Asia.  So therefore surely any flag that is displayed at a Taiwanese national match that is not the Olympic flag is a political statement.  Will Fifa fine the national association every time someone flys the Republic of China Flag, or only the green DPP Flag?

A problem also occurs if Fifa allow Taiwan to play as Taiwan.  Allowing the national team to play under the name and flag of Taiwan is also a political statement, so Fifa have really backed their self into a stupid corner here.  

Do they really think people are going to enter the stadium waving Olympic flags?  The fine won't stop people in Taiwan flying national flags at national games, and really what harm is it doing to Fifa to fly your national flag, or your regional flag? 

There are also other issues, Barecelona constantly fly the pro Catalonia flag, is this not a political statement as most people in Catalonia want a Scottish style referendum on being independent from Spain.  A quick google search shows me that Barcelona have been fined mutiple times by Fifa, and that it is actually against Spanish law to fly the flag.

To quote the Barcelona president, "Uefa (and Fifa) live with their backs to the wall, you cannot stop people doing what they want in their own house."

Barcelona have since taken Uefa to court over this issue.  There are lots of other examples.  Please follow links for more reading on this issue.

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