Taiwan Get Annihilated by Hong Kong as Football Continues to go Backwards

Article Date: 10-11-2016

Last night (10-11-2016) I rushed home from work so that I could catch Taiwan play Hong Kong and see if they have made any progress under supposedly 'superior' Japanese coaches.  As that was the reason given for them replacing the last Taiwanese manager.

Unfortunately it seemed the EAFF website was struggling with their stream and I couldn't get the damn thing to work for the first 15 minutes.  When I did manage to get it on Taiwan were already a goal down.  Which was very reminiscent of my time in Germany watching Newcastle in the first relegation season.  Stream goes off at 0-0 and comes back on for the Toon to be losing 1-0 or more.

So they're 1-0 down, you would expect to see some fight and some kind of determination to get back into the game.  There was nothing of the sort, Hong Kong had all the ball and their foriegn legion of Nigerian and Ghanian Strikers with Brazillian attacking mids were murdering Taiwan.  There were next to no tackles going in, no pressing nothing!  Unlike when the Taiwanese bloke was in charge...you at least saw Taiwan giving a shit and putting tackles in like they cared.  Last night was terrible, I know Taiwan's level is low and you shouldn't expect them to get results but you would at least expect them to give a shit about losing and losing badly.  

They were that half arsed in 50/50 tackles and when they didn't win the 50/50's they just lay on the floor expecting a free kick or something instead of getting back up and trying to fight for the ball.  When they lost the ball a lot of players were just smiling or laughing...what the hell?  What is that shit about then? 

These Japanese coaches don't seem to be doing anything different or better to the Taiwanese bloke so why get them in?  Unless they're working hard at youth level and are going to prove me wrong in ten years which I highly. 

I know I have mentioned it a lot before but it's amazing to see how poor the CTFA are at captilising on the postive way that football was headed on the island of stinky tofu.  We all knew they were not the best at it and we are sure they are working hard at trying to promote football or make the national team a sucess but from the outside looking in, it really looks like an utter shambles.  The national team is again going backwards after some hope they were making very good progress.  There is a massive lack of support for football and all sports in general unfortunately.  Which makes me believe they are extremely underfunded although I don't have any figures or have any way of getting them without being able to read and write fluent Chinese.  

Getting these Japanese coaches in seems like a huge job for the boys.  After the game their was an interview with the Japanese coach and he claimed the reason Taiwan lost was because Hong Kong had great fans.  No Taiwan lost because Hong Kong were better, miles better.

Taiwan's tactics were also all wrong.  The sooner this hipster 4231 dies a death the better football will be.  It is a shit formation that everyone thinks is great because teams with buckets full of cash play it. It wouldn't matter a jot what formations these rich teams play because they buy the best players the World has to offer.  

Playing one of the only professional players Taiwan has who also happens to be the best midfielder as a second striker was a catastrophe.  Taiwan couldn't hold the ball all game, and they have a player who can use the ball well miles up front with no service meaning he couldn't get on the ball or influence the game. He should of been played deeper.  Let's not get started on the inability to defend.  Taiwan should copy our own team the Magpies and sack off defending, pack the midfield, get it forward and score.  They would take some beastly hammerings but they would win more than they currently do also. 

Taiwan need to concentrate on the bloody basics.  Passing 3 yards to a team mate instead of Stevie G 50 yard glory passes.  They need to learn how to tackle and press the oppo, they need to learn how to mark players in the box, follow people running off the ball.  So many basics are lacking.  We are shit, we are always gonna be shit, at least teach them how to go down with a bit of bloody fight or a battle.  Or do Taiwanese players just come equipped with the heart the size of pea?  TEACH THEM THE GODDAMN BASICS! Stop the Marradonna shit!  Stop the Ronaldo shit!  Stop the Messi shit!  Stop the Stevie G glory ball shit! Even stop the Gareth Bale heart shit when you score.  Basics!  You need the goddamn basics!!!

Also what would really help football here, is if the CTFA had a set of balls and took control of the local leagues.  There are so many local leagues, if the CTFA managed to establish some kind of set up instead of random blokes making teams and running shite leagues there would be an actual proper pyramid system in place with real promotion and relegation between the leagues.  Not the kind of fake promotion spoken about by Royal Blues or Inter Taipei or the make believe promotion that T2 claim.  You can't get promoted from one league to another if those leagues are not connected in anyway.  A playoff to join a league is not promotion either!  

If it was worked on I am sure it could happen.  None of the leagues would like it because everyone only cares about their own league here and not benefitting football which a lot of them claim it's what they care about most.  It's like a cock measuring competition between the leagues.  They all want to see who's is bigger and better. Yes we play in the OTPL and enjoy it, but it would be better for everyone if all the leagues were connected.  Regardless of what anyone from any league tells you.  All the leagues have their own agenda and aren't concerned about playing each other.  Or some just outright refuse, I know personally that the OTPL(CPL) has tried to join with other leagues in the past but the locals have outright refused.  Crystal league, Indonesian league, OTPL, BML, T2, Taiwanese 6 a side league, theres uni leagues, leagues at medical uni between 4 bastard teams...What is the point Taiwan!  NO MORE GODDAMN LEAGUES!!!!  If you make a team, join a league that is already running and have some common sense.  I HOPE THERE ARE NO MORE BLOODY LEAGUES!  

The CTFA need to take control of the pitches, and stop clubs 'own' them and use them exclusively to turn profit, for their own friendlies, or just to stop other teams from using it.  If the CTFA have the will and desire they could SORT IT OUT!  I do believe they will be the only organisation that has enough power to achieve this is they wanted to.  Better organisation of the leagues will help football in general, generate interest and so on and so forth.  Just think the leagues could share facilities, generate sponsors and maybe at some point in the future start to gain some small interest.  It would be a better future than the path football is currently on in Taiwan.

Rant well and truly bloody over.