Taiwan Struggle to Beat Macau and Qualify for the Second Round of EAFF Championship

Article Date: 05-07-2016

Taiwan managed to battle through an almighty struggle against Macau yesterday.  It really shouldnt of been a huge struggle mind, as Taiwan had most possesion and most control of the game.  Unfortunately the same old faults still are there, not taking chances and being shakey at the back. 

Six minutes in Macau got a free kick just outside the box, the free kick taker went to smash it, but by no means did he give it a good old welly.  The keeper really should of kept it out but it seemed to go in the back of the net in slow motion.  Due to having no replays I couldn't even see it again live. 

Taiwan did manage to come back as the game went on and they asserted their control on the game.  They went into a 2-1 lead and things all looked rosey in the garden.  A win or a draw would put them through.  Then just as we were thinking all the hard work was done, Macau punted a big hoof of a ball into the box and the keeper went flapping at it.  Macau toe poked it into the back of the net and they only needed one more goal theirselves and boy did they go chasing it. 

Taiwan were under the cosh during the last ten minutes, but as Macau were piling forward Taiwan managed to pounce on a good counter attack.  They got it down the wing, and put in a good cross with the attacker coming in and scoring an excellent diving header to make it 3-2 to Taiwan.  There was only about 4-5 minutes left so barring a catastrophe Taiwan had made into the next round.  

Which was good news for all football lovers in Taiwan, as we are often starved of any form of live football. The fact the second round of this will take place here is excellent.  It means they will have games against North Korea, Hong Kong and Guam.  As well as this they also have the Asian Cup Qualifier against East Timor to come to, and if they get through that they will have another six games too in the second qualifying round of the Asian Cup Qualifiers, so lets hope they can because Taiwan needs more football otherwise we will go back to being one of the biggest backwaters of football in the world.