Taiwan vs Macau - EAFF Championship 1st Round

Article Date: 03-07-2016

Tomorrow Taiwan will play their last game of the EAFF Championship first round taking place in Guam.  Taiwan only need 1 point to make it into the next round that will be held in Taiwan. 

Hopefully they will win, but if not just get the point needed, as I couldn't think of anything worse than hosting a tournament in Taiwan without Taiwan being in it.  

If anyone is free tomorrow afternoon at 3pm you can watch it live on the EAFF website, or via Youtube.  The link to the EAFF website is on this article. 

Good luck Taiwan.  Please make it to the next round as we need as much competitive football we can get here on the island to encourage more people to get involved.  The prospect of again facing Hong Kong, Guam and North Korea in this competition is a good test for Taiwan's level and hopefully it can help them to improve. 

EAFF Page to watch Taiwan vs Macau Live