The Season is Over

Article Date: 21-12-2016

Our season has ended recently with defeat against Taipei Eagles in an evenly matched game.  The result had no bearing on our final league position as we had to get hammered 7-0 to drop one place below Carnegies B53 on goal difference. 

Our final position of 6th is good all things considered, mainly due to the fact that we have struggled for players at times.  With that in mind it has been an achievement to even be within touching distance of a top 4 spot all season. 

Even though we have been lacking players, we have made some absolute splendid additions this season. Adding the likes of Craig, Wraxall, Kenny, Stewart and Paul...sorry if I have missed anyone. 

We hope all the players we added will still be around to play again next season.  We will be looking to add a couple of more new players, how many we add will depend on how many leave as it has been nice to go through the season with pretty much the same people for a change. 

Next seasons projected start date is a week or two after Chinese new year and will begin in February.

Most Man of the Match Awards - Matt Wraxall

Top Scorer - Matt Wraxall (20) 

Second Top Scorer - Kenny Sexton (17)