View From the Opposition - Badgers

Article Date: 16-02-2016

Our next installment from View from the Opposition is an interview with On Tap Badgers manager Fred Freeman.  We would like to thank Fred for taking the time to answer these questions.  Here are the questions and answers: 

Who do you think will win the league?

I think the red lions will win it again. They have added a few players to an already good squad and have  regular training sessions.

Who do you see as your biggest rival ?

Traditionally we would have said Carnegies would be our rivals, and we have some good games against yourselves and Shane but the last 3/4 years da an have become our rival. They were the first team we beat and we enjoy a healthy ( sometimes not so healthy rivalry) I remember one tournament where we booed each other, which was nice

What do you think are Taipei Magpies strengths and weaknesses

You have the same problem as us, if you have everyone available and fit, you have a good team, when some are missing then you have a problem. I think your attack is one of if not the best in the league but the way you guys play does leave yourself open for the counter, which is where we have done well against you. Don't change tactics now or this will be the last interview hahah

Ever since we beat you in a game 7-0 the Badgers have had some kind of voodoo hex over us, and every game has been a massive struggle to get a win.  Did you really put a voodoo hex on us, or is there a more logical reason for this?

That 7-0 hurt is mate. We have some pride even if it is a small amount. So it was more about not getting smashed by you guys again rather than a voodoo hex, but for me personally I like playing you guys, it's hard and fair and I normally score my goal of the season against you lot, so thanks

What do you think will happen during our games next season?

Our games next year will follow in the same lines I would have thought. You have the better squad but we have that extra never say die approach, which to be fair I saw some of your games last year, and you definitely had a mentally stronger bunch of lads compared to the past. So of your games last year were awesome, especially in the back end of the year.

Where do you think Badgers and Taipei Magpies will finish in the league next season?

The Badgers always set just one target, not to finish bottom. This will be our 5th year in the league and we finished bottom the first year, after that ( since I have been captain ) we haven't finished bottom and I would like that to continue. If you guys still have the same squad as last year you are a top half of the table club. Pushing for Europe if we had such a thing.