View From the Opposition - Royal Celts

Article Date: 08-03-2016

This week we asked the questions to Frankie Hullet who is the new manager of our next opponents Royal Celts. A big thanks to Frankie for taking the time to answer our questions and here they are:

Who do you think will win the league next season? 

I'd like to say Celts but our squad looks like it will be a little inconsistent.  Carnegies and Red Lions have strengthened.  I'll go for Red Lions because of their consistency and organisation. 

Who do you see as your biggest rivals?

Personally I would say JFC.  They always seem to beat us and the games always seem to turn a little fiesty.

What do you think are Magpies Strengths and weaknesses

Magpies have a few very good players but their weakness also seems to be a lack of a consistent squad and an employe everyone policy.

With the help of Thor sending out thunder and lightning and the summer holidays Celts defeated us easily twice last season.  Do you think it will be as easy next season?

I think Magpies had a couple of games against us last season where the squad was thin and in the last two recent games (friendly and Taipei tournament) they seem to have a stronger squad this season.  I think we'll have a couple of tight games.

Last season Celts had real title aspirations but fell away badly when Royal Blues started in first division.  If Royal Blues enter first division again which is looking likely what are the chances of the same thing happening?

It would seem that the Blues players are going to be the focal point in our team this year, but I don't think that will be the case.  We will mainly be relying on our players who turn up week in, week out to try and build a consistent squad with flowing chemistry.  No doubt there will be a couple of games where we have a few very good players to stick in.  

What do you expect from our games next season?

That's depending on pitch quality which seems to be in doubt right now.  At Fujen I think we'll see some great games, with some great football being played.  At other pitches we can expect torrid surfaces and frightful winds to make for some low scoring scrappy games.  Let's hope for the best.

Where do you Think Celts  and Taipei Magpies will finish next season

It's all dependant on which players both sides have available, but with the best available I could see Celts mounting a title challenge and possibly winning the league.  I can see Magpies taking 3rd or 4th place. 

With Royal Blues manager Robert iwanicki encouraging the 'best' blues players to join celts for this coming season will this have a positive effect or a negative effect on last seasons squad that performed well? especially if people are getting no playing time

That's something that we will need to take one game at a time.  Yes Rob has encouraged some players to stick together with the Celts, but as with last season I don't see this being on a regular basis.  I'm also sure the players on our side who would get less game time if the stronger players were there would understand that it would be the same in any other situation in which a good player was available.  We're all mature adults who want the best for the team, I hope.