View From the Opposition - Daan

Article Date: 03-03-2016

Thank you to Daan manager Alex for taking time out to answer these questions in our recent installment in View From the Opposition.  

We take on Daan in our first game of the 2016 OTPL (On Tap Premier League) season.  They finished higher than everyone in the league expected last season so it should be a good competitive game.  

Here are the questions from the Mags, and the answers from Daan, enjoy: 

Who do you think will win the league next season? 

Very hard to tell, I wish it will be DAAN.  In my opinion Red Lions, Carnegies B52, Celts, Magpies and Daan have the squad to win the league.  

Who do you see as your biggest rival? 

Ourselves we can do some great things and then some great shit.  For example last season we were winning 3-0 against Shane after 60 minutes and we started to play lazy, then we drew the game 3-3.

What do you think are Magpies strengths and weaknesses? 

Strengths - Squad of good players who know how to play together and have good positioning. 

Weaknesses - Number of players in the squad, in the summer a team needs at least 16 - 18 players to maintain a high pace during the whole game.

During last season's games we held leads only to concede during the final minutes of both games, to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory.  How do you see this season's games going? 

It will be the first game of the season against a direct opponent for 1st place, so in my opinion the beginning of the game will be quite strategic.  No team will want to lose this game, but I see Daan pushing to score and Magpies try to counter attack quickly when Daan lose the ball.  It will all depend on which team makes the first mistake.

What players if any stood out during the games last season? 

I can't remember. 

Where do you think Taipei Magpies and Daan will finish next season? 

Top 4 for both teams.