View From the Opposition - Red Lions

Article Date: 13-02-2016

We spoke to Mao Cortes from Red Lions to get his view about our team, and the up and coming season.  We want to offer our thanks to Mao for taking his time to answer these questions.  Here are his answers:

Who do you think will win the league next season? 

No matter how strong our opponents are, I always think we(Red Lions) will win the league.

Who do you see as your biggest rivals? 

Those standing on the otherside of the pitch.  We play game by game, in the league all points are important.

What do you think are Taipei Magpies Strengths and weaknesses? 

Strengths - Good players and large recruitment.  Weaknesses - Somtimes they (Magpies) don't know how to close out a game. 

Red Lions got four dodgy penalties against us last season.  Do you think these penalties were the key reason you narrowly defeated us twice, or do you think you would of still won anyway? 

In my opinion the Lions heart was the key to the victory.  We never gave up and grasped our opportunities.

After winning the league easily last season, which teams are you most worried will take the title from you?

Worry does nothing but steal your joy.  We know many good players have arrived this year to different teams so it will be a tight and competitive league, but we will do our best to have fun and win as much as possible. 

What do you expect from our games this season? 

I think they will be tough games, with many goals.  Nice for the fans.

Where do you think Taipei Magpies and Red Lions will finish this season? 

At On Tap.  Hopefully with Red Lions receiving the trophy.