Yaki Yen Refuses to Play for Unprofessional Japanese Coach

Article Date: 21-09-2016

Taiwanese international player Yaki Yen has posted a message today on his Facebook page saying that he won't be playing for Taiwan again in the future as long as the Japanese coach is in charge.

Yaki Yen is mixed, half Japanese and half Taiwanese, football player who chose to represent Taiwan a few years back.  He has said he loves playing for Taiwan but won't continue to play while they have an unprofessional coach in charge of the team.  

From what it says on Google translate, and what some mates have said, it seems like he has had a falling out with the coach, or the coaching staff have some kind of issue with him.  Either way, it all points to a falling out obviously.  

The aim should be to promote football as it's a complete shambles, but this won't happen until something changes in the set up.  Taiwan showed great desire, grit and determination during the World Cup games, and they even got around 17,000 people in the stadium for the games.  Showing that people are willing to get behind the team.  All that good will, and support has now been decimated due to shoddy organisation and terrible running of the team coupled with alienating star players like Xavier Chen.

There was talk of getting a professional league, but that won't help anything when the whole set up seems shoddy from top to bottom.  There seems to be no effort in upgrading facilities (although there was/is talk of pitches being in place for the Universiadte games.)  There is no visual evidence of this actually taking place.  

With barely any promotion of any sports at all let alone football the situation will only get worse in the future, as pitches are left to rot, P.E classes are cancelled and rescheduled to something else apparently more beneficial to the kids, the so called super First Division constantly continues to be a massive farce of a league regardless of the propaganda from people who play in it and the distinct lack of promotional awareness around the national team's games is truly criminal.

Without private companies, or Joe Bloggs running footy schools on their own, there would be no interest at all in this country other than watching Ronaldo prance around trying to be Maradonna, or the odd kid here and there telling you about Messi or Neymar.  

The fact that Taiwan have plummeted in the World Rankings, and are now scrapping it out with the teams at the bottom of the barrel tells its own story.  

Soon they will face East Timor (Timor Leste) to get into the next round of Asian Cup Qualifiers.  Previously this would have been an easy game, with a simple passage into the next round.  At the moment however Taiwan can lose to any team regardless of ranking.  Especially as they seem determined to continuously lose decent, or talented players when the pool they are choosing from is already miniscule.

Even if they lose to East Timor, the lack of attention on the team will mean it can be brushed under the carpet like it never happened which is probably the saddest fact in all this bollocks.  The country should be right behind their sports teams regardless of how good or crap they are, but the CTFA is so devoid of generating interest (or keeping interest generated from World Cup games) not many even care.  Well done Taiwan, on ruining football for someone or anyone who cares!