How it all started!

Taipei Magpies started as a kick about group at Bailin riverside park.  They have a pitch there and every sunday morning (because we are hardcore) we would rock up and have a kick about.  After the kick about we would drink a shit load of beers in seven eleven.  

One day after the kick about someone suggested that we should make our own team.  We all agreed that this was a good idea and we decided to get the ball rolling ASAP.

We decided to join the main expat league that plays in Taipei called the CPL.  At first we were getting spanked every week, and it was not as fun as we first thought it was going to be, due to constantly losing.  We decided this was totally shit, and due to the hard work and determination of our team members we managed to improve the squad and get better over time.  No other team in the CPL as far as we are aware have went from creating a new team to currently sitting 3rd (at the time of writing) in the league within 1 and a half seasons of joining the league.  Our league record against most teams is avergage to good.

Before the other teams new we were actively recruiting new players and trying our best to improve and smash them every week, they would just show up expecting us to roll over for them to hammer us!  When this didn't happen the look of digust and disbelief on the others teams faces was a real classic moment.  The Mags had arrived in Taipei and we will be working hard to make sure we stay where we are! 

Magpies Philosophy

We firmly believe our philosophy is what has helped us so far, at Taipei Magpies we accept anyone who wants to play football or join our social events and activities.  We welcome everyone who wants to be a part of the Magpies family be that by actively playing in a team, partying with us, or helping out behind the scenes everyone is welcome.  We just have two rules, your not a dickhead or a mackem (they can't be seperated really, dickheads and Mackems.)  What this means in practice is most people can join us regardless of skill level, gender, race or nationality.  If your good enough you will play, even if you have two heads, and your skin is shiny green with sparkly pink stars!  The only exception is, no dickheads, and no mackems.  

This philosophy is a lot better than most teams in Taiwan, who have very rigid rules for who can and cannot join there teams, no team is as open as ours, we have let all different ages, races, genders and nationalities join our team.  We have currently had over 50 different nationalities play for Taipei Magpies. 

Joining the 2nd League

We have currently joined another 11 a side league which will be played on the same days (sundays) so this means we can offer football to a lot more people than when we first started, which keeps alive the aim of having football for everyone who wants it, not just the players who are the best!  As the most important thing is reliability before skill level. 

We also keep the price very low to play in our team, with the costs being one of the cheapest in all of Taipei, and probably Taiwan.  We work very hard to keep this the same, and always will. 

What we can offer Magpies members; games in competitive leagues, local tournaments (in Taipei,) island wide tournaments competing with most/all expat teams from around Taiwan, events and activities, team parties, social networking within the expat communtiy, and like minded people to go out with and watch football with. 

Competitions we have played in:

  • CPL
  • T2
  • British Chamber of Commerce 6 a side
  • Victory 6 (6 a side) 
  • Formosa indoor 6 a side 
  • CPL pre season friendly tournaments 
  • Kaohsuing island wide tournament 
  • Tainan island wide tournament 

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